SALE PRICE: $325.00

PRODUCT: Remote Engine Starter System

MODEL: 08E92-SNA-100B

Sale $325 -

The all new Remote Engine Starter System is designed to provide convenience for Honda owners living in cold or hot climate conditions. Warm-up your vehicle in the winter, or cool it down in the summer. The remote emits a signal to the receiver unit that commands the vehicle system to start and stop the engine.

  • Up to 200 ft. range with the vehicle and remote.
  • Command button to prevent accidental engine start/stop.
  • Automatically activates vehicle climate control and/or defroster.
  • Two-way remote system that lets you know your vehicle’s status.
  • Applies to vehicles with Automatic Climate Control. See your Owner’s Manual.
  • Integrates with vehicle immobilizer and security system.
  • Not available for manual transmission vehicles
  • Comes with all Attachments needed to install

Retail $512