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[08V67-T0A-1Z0K, 100]
SALE PRICE: $529.92   $349.00

PRODUCT: 06. back-up Sensors

MODEL: 08V67-T0A-1Z0K, 100

Sale - $349 -

With our back-up Sensors, you'll soon be zipping in and out of parking spots you may previously passed over as too small.  Help yourself in and out of a tight spot, while helping to protect your paint (and the paint on other people's cars too).

  • Four sensors emit audible beeps into the cabin while you back up, signaling objects as you approach them.  Those beeps quicken as your vehicle gets closer to objects.
  • The Back-up Sensor Attachment is included
  • 08V67-T0A-1Z0K and 08V67-T0A-100

Retail $529.92